Human Voices Revalued

September 2021. What value is in your voice? How it is profitably extracted? Developers of communication technologies, data brokers, business and academia are getting ready to expand lessons from biometric identification, voice-assistants or social media, and remotely assess the individual’s pathologies or well-being with voices and embedded signals. It already impacts healthcare routines and clinical trials including recruitment of patients. COVID-19 has been creating a gold rush for vocal biomarker services by computer professionals and their investors.

A closer look reveals that clinically valid diagnoses involve more than computer programming, savvy of electronics, voice-assistants or biometric identification. It will not suffice to invoke science or hire clinical advisors to rubber stamp offerings. B2Bioworld is analysing voice-based clinical trials around the world for the last two decades. What are key technologies needed to tap the vocal trove? And what strategies and tactics use Amazon, Deep Mind Technologies / Google Health or Ping An, as well as start-ups like those in Brazil, Europe, or California.

The Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) comes late to an emergent health market segment. B2Bioworld enquired with Guy Fagherazzi who will lead LIH’s strategic project into the next decade about the value proposition, the study design, and the search for partnerships.Reading time: 51 min

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