Managers of Disease Meet Masters of Personal Health

December 2017 / updated January 2020. Medicinal chemistry, biotechnology, or marketing fall short of promises, if these cannot access users’ data. Digital tools are said to fill knowledge gaps and integrate users’ innovation. What pitfalls are there for management, business development, R&D or manufacturing of pharma companies?

With the example of B2Bioworld analyses opportunities and threats, complemented with the interview of Ursula Redeker, CEO of Roche Germany on the occasion of her company’s “Future X Healthcare” initiative. “I can imagine a shift and additions in skill sets” predicts Dr Redeker in the exclusive interview with B2Bioworld. She outlines in-house gaps, envisaged partnerships, and describes her current thinking about the value of digital tools in the context of F.Hoffmann-La Roche Europe.

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