Genewall: privacy-first approach to genetics

B2Bioworld comment: Sharecare Inc & Falcon Equity Investors

August 2021. Genewall is a private genome browser that gives you valuable insights from your genetic data while completely preserving your privacy. Our unique chromosome painting tool lets you visualize and browse your DNA. Simply search for a condition you want to learn about in the search box to browse medical research related to that condition. Genewall provides medical research information relevant to your genetic traits along with the health conditions associated with them.

Compare your risks without sharing your data

Genewall lets you compare your genetic traits with your family and loved ones—without your data ever leaving your phone. Using a simple, time-limited, encrypted QR code, you can securely compare ancestry estimates and health conditions with others so you can better understand your health risks. Your data is always processed on your phone, stays on your phone, and never goes to the cloud.

Learn about carrier status for common conditions

The power of knowing a carrier status can be valuable information because it can indicate whether you carry a variant for a disease that you clould pass on to future generations. Your private genome browser outlines your carrier status for several common conditions and gives detailed explanations of each.

Source: DOC.AI Inc

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B2Bioworld Comment

According to financial disclosure DOC.AI Inc. was acquired 100 percent by Sharecare Inc for about $120m (€102m; £87m) on February 22, this year. The Palo Alto business was taken over for its “developed technology and customer relationships”.

Sharecare Inc. reports revenues of $340m (2019) in its three segments Enterprise Provider, and Consumer, while aggressively incorporating (“expect us to close at least one transaction per year”) digital health companies such as Healthways, Mindsciences, RealAge, VisualizeHealth. Last year Falcon Equity Investors LLC acquired Sharecare Inc. for $3.79bn. The Atlanta-based company claims having more than 6,000 customers accessing 64,000 employers, 9 million individuals (“eligible lives”) as well as 6,000 hospitals and doctors’ practices.

A growing business of Sharecare is processing medical records, profiling  and offering behavioural change recommendations to physicians, employers as well as individuals. A growth area are digital observational and post-marketing research with artificial intelligence software. The acquisition of DOC:AI will also strengthen remote patient monitoring and denial management services for Sharecare’s clients. eds

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