(C) SGS 2017 influenza virus testing facilitySGS Clinical: New H3N2-type virus as biomarker
for influenza testing

January 2017. SGS announced the forthcoming availability of a new strain of influenza virus. The synthetic virus may be used to test the efficacy of both novel influenza drugs and vaccines in healthy volunteers. The new agent is a H3N2 type virus, which represents one of the common current circulating strains of influenza of a pandemic origin. Its manufacture has been undertaken by SGS in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice to ensure that strict regulatory guidelines in both the US and EU (FDA and EMA) are met, and the virus is currently undergoing an array of both adventitious and purity tests. It is anticipated that final safety and activity data from the first-in-human studies using the virus will be announced in a presentation at the World Vaccine Congress, to be held in Washington DC, in April 2017.

Located in Antwerp’s Stuivenberg Hospital, Belgium, SGS has a fully accredited, containment-Level 2, 20-bed human challenge unit, providing full isolation capabilities and offers an entire range of services for any challenge trial performed with the new influenza agent.

Source: SGS 

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