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Technologies for Learning

March 2018. How do you know which tech tools support the results you want to get out of (self-) instruction?

Advanced technologies designed for machine learning and e-learning tools promise to bridge digital divides between urban and rural populations, industrial and developing countries, foster economic growth, even innovation. What kind of learning is enabled with email questionnaires, pedagogical TV emissions, YouTube videos, technically popped-up lectures, machine-learning tools, virtual reality goggles of Oculus Rift (Facebook), DJI Technology, or others? Get to know learning concepts embodied in technologies, and be aware of tools pretending to be the teacher. © Uffe Weng 2018 Hanne Leth Andersen

Hanne Leth Andersen, Professor of University Pedagogy at Danish Roskilde University invites readers of B2Bioworld to a light-hearted and thought-provoking tour de ronde about productive tech solutions, pointing to much ado about e-learning, or teachers’ needs still unmet by developers of learning tools. In conversation with Wolf G Kroner.


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- Includes popular understandings of learning; mathematician's vs. student's problem-solving; extraordinary public funding of Danish universities for big data and learning technologies for the next years

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