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Robert Berendes leaves Syngenta

08-01-2014. Robert Berendes, Syngenta’s Head of Business Development and ad interim Head of Research is leaving the company after eleven years. In a ten-lines “Management announcement” he has been discharged with thanks “for his outstanding contributions”. Dr. Berendes is officially quit his post end of March and join as partner a-connect (group) ag at Zürich next autumn.

a-connect is a strategy advisory and human resource outplacement firm, which was founded in 2002 by former McKinsey consultants Swiss lawyer Nils Hagander and Norwegian Hanne de Mora together with Didier Sangiorgio also a lawyer and business angel investor. Recently the consultancy has been expanding in the U.S. and Asia with new offices. It has taken in additional collaborators and placed a special focus on life sciences.

Robert Berendes brings truly global expertise at the interface of chemical and biotech to his new company. In addition he is well-connected to major political and economic networks in his field. He learned to know a-connect during many years as his preferred service provider for Syngenta’s business development. A statement in a customer interview (Hagander 2007) many years ago may well explain why Mr. Berendes finally said “ade” (goodbye) to Syngenta to join his former service supplier. Asked what typical challenges large companies like Syngenta encounter when developing business, he answered: “Small scale growth projects do not always get sufficient attention, as they sometimes operate in the shadow of the large core businesses; also, because of their sub-critical size it is sometimes difficult to provide them with adequate resources required in the early stages of business building.” For someone dedicated to building new businesses opportunities and developing emerging markets it may have been too attractive to leave the shadow acting on front stage. Arvid Lønsson

Nils Hagander (2007) Interview with Robert Berendes, Head of Business Development, Syngenta - a-connect and business development - a powerful combination. June: http://www.imakenews.com/aconnect/e_article000817713.cfm?x=0,w.


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