(C) SOBI 2013 - Philip WoodPhilip Wood to Push Haemophilia Business of Swedish Orphan Biovitrum and Biogen Idec*

November 2013. Stockholm specialty pharma Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB (“SOBI”) has been promoting Philip Wood to head its Commercial Therapeutic Area Haemophilia. The nomination precedes planned market launch of Biogen Idec’s products from its monomeric Fc fusion protein technology platform. Today SOBI announced that its development partner will start sales of long-lasting rFVIIIFc (trade name: “Eloctate”) in the United States mid-2014. Since beginning of October Biogen Idec is promoting genetic testing to people with hemophilia through a partnership with three American advocacy and treatment organisations: National Hemophilia Foundation, the American Thrombosis and Hemostasis Network and the Puget Sound Blood Center, a concerted marketing effort which SOBI will have to mirror in Europe and for which the Swedish company puts Mr. Wood in place. According to SOBI Mr. Wood will primary be based at Stockholm to lead the Haemophila Area Team.

Swedish Orphan Biovitrum/Biogen Idec Hemophilia Pipeline 11.2013

Philip Wood (1968) obtained a Bachelor of Science in Geology from University of Southampton (UK) in 1989. In 2002 he earned a certificate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a degree for “Global Positioning” from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in 2010. He initially worked in sales and restoration of classic cars. In January 1994 he started his career in the pharmaceutical industry as medical representative with American Cyanamid (just becoming American Home Products, then Wyeth which was later acquired by Pfizer). Since then he was in marketing and sales with increasing responsibilities, lately for rare gentic diseases resp. the European haemophilia franchise. In March 2012 Mr. Wood joined Swedish Orphan Biovitrum at Stockholm in the Global Strategic Lead Unit responsible for Europe. ed

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