(C) Wolf G Kroner 2012 - Prof. Sadao NagaokaImproving the IP System on a global scale:
A view from Japan

February 2012. Prof. Sadao Nagaoka dedicates his academic work to the effects of intellectual property (IP) rights on R&D policy as well as the design of competition and trade policies. His work is influential in shaping the political framework for innovation in Japan. In the exclusive interview with B2Bioworld he describes barriers to innovation with examples from Japan’s life science sector. He outlines his role as Member of EPO’s advisory board, and offers insights about how and what the world’s major IP systems of Japan, Europe and the United States might learn from each other. Trends for biotech start-ups in Japan, an overview on its examination request system (including fast track) and expected impact of the Fukushima nuclear disaster on bio-prospecting.

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Article free of advertisement - 8 pages
- Includes figures on Japanese biotech startups 1999-2009, use of fast examination track 1988-2005, the current examination request workflow, and other hard facts about the patent system in Japan

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