Who will Finance Innovation?

WIPO Global Innovation Index 2020

September 2020. As long as innovation has existed, a central challenge facing innovators worldwide is the mobilization of stable and accessible financing mechanisms. Financing affects all stages of an innovation cycle, from ideation to commercialization, expansion, and, eventually, long-term business sustainability.

Even before the crisis, a range of new actors, such as sovereign wealth funds, and not-for-profit organizations, has been supporting innovation. Innovative mechanisms, such as corporate venturing,intellectual property (IP) marketplaces, crowdfunding, and fintech solutions, were present before the crisis and will not vanish. At the same time, public support schemes remain essential vehicles of innovation financing.

To conclude, every crisis brings opportunities and room for creative disruption. One side effect of the current crisis has been to stimulate interest in innovative solutions for health, naturally, but also for areas such as remote work, distance education, e-commerce, and mobility solutions. Unleashing these positive forces may well support societal goals, including reducing or reversing long-term climate change.

Sixteen chapters by different authors expand on the theme in the 13th edition of the Global Innovation Index enriching what otherwise might be just another ranking of innovation.


World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO (2020): Global Innovation Index 2020. September 23.

Source: World Intellectual Property Organization

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