AI-enabled Digital Pathology: Correlate anything with everything?

October 2018. What is new about «digital pathology»? AI-enabled software and imaging will not change per se inherited theorising or practices of clinical, academic or industry professionals. How to manage  the difference between «big data» and widely varying amounts of clinically relevant data? AI will not suffice. How regulatory affairs act as drivers of automation and even deep learning, while challenging companies and product developers who try to exploit users’ unawareness of technological shortcomings. Ralf Huss, Chief Medical Officer of Definiens AG, which is muscling Astra Zeneca with clinical R&D intelligence, offers experience and insights to an enquiry out of the box.

Get to know B2Bioworld's peer-reviewed chart «Digital Pathology and its Ecosystem» which also visualises core work flows of clinical (anatomical and other) work. Get to know the difference between whole-slide imaging and pathology photos in the scientific literature. Added upcoming automation technologies not yet on the market.Reading time: 25 min

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