CO2 as resource for specialty chemicals: What makes it difficult for industry

November 2015. German Energiewende or energy transition is typically understood as substitution of fossil with renewable energies and efforts to reduce CO2 in particular. Often overlooked, and downplayed by the chemicals industry there are smarter ways than just reducing CO2 to Zero.

How can this be done? What is the part of hydrogen? What if, biotechnology, and even chemistry do not suffice to provide for efficiency and competitiveness of CO2 capture, storage, or finally conversion to valuable “green” chemicals? How green hydrogen is more advantageous for conversion. In the exclusive interview with B2Bioworld Peter Nagler, at the time Head of International Innovation Evonik Industries answers tricky questions beyond well-worn paths of COP summits and climate change.

Addendum June 2021: Peter Nagler left Evonik and is currently Chief Innovation Officer for Singapore’s Agency for Science Technology and Research and Executive Director of the Institute of Chemical & Engineering Sciences (ICES).Reading time: 14 min

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