Pfizer Embraces Regenerative Medicine

September 2009. In 2008 Pfizer engaged rather late in regenerative medicine. Its unit (former Pfizer Technologies) at Sandwich and Abington (UK) matured into Neusentis under the leadership of Dr. Ruth McKernan, Chief Scientific Officer Pfizer Regenerative Medicine since its beginnings. In the exclusive interview published only in B2Bioworld, she addresses central issues in the development of stem cell therapies.

Several years later most of the basic challenges are still waiting to be resolved by those in the field, for example the complementary roles of small molecules and stem cell biologics in personalized medicine, the standardisation of stem cells for pharmaceutical use, or predictive toxicology to ensure drug safety. Read also about competitors in stem cells like Novo Nordisk, Cellartis (today: Cellectis), or Cellular Dynamics.

Includes: Neusentis financials 2009-2010.

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